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Five takeaways from FBI news conference on combating child sex trafficking (video) |

The above link will be your first On Line Training article.


This is NOT from California but it reinforces how prevalent this is all over the nation and has some good insights from their cases. This is a “Reverse Sting” with undercover officers calling ads.


Point 1. In ONE WEEK, (just in Cleveland Ohio) The FBI rescued 18 girls being sold for sex, 11 OF THEM WERE MINORS. Note this is just the efforts of an FBI sting and does not include all the cases of local law enforcement although the FBI will often work with local police vice squads.

Point 2. They have good evidence because some of the cases are being charged federally which requires a higher bar of proof and takes longer to prosecute but gets much longer sentences.

Point 3. In this case a 21 yr (Brandt) charged with prostitution had  2 small children with her. One was hers and one was another girl’s. It is impossible to tell from the article if the other girl was another prostitute or a  Bottom girl selling and controlling Brandt.   Brandt’s ad was placed on  under the name of “Dessa”.  We have discussed several times how the pimp and bottom will rename the girl, sometimes daily.

We do not know how many pregnant girls without a support system are forced into prostitution but we do know that most prostitutes have children.  It is a constant battle as a prostitute/mother.  The pimp or bottom will either take your child from you and put the child in the system where you then try to earn the money in hopes of getting your child back.  Or they will keep you working long hours in the belief that you are obligated to earn money for the child OVER AND ABOVE what you owe the Pimp.  It is a losing battle and most feel they have no alternative.

Think about this situation.  These women are being sold in a MOTEL on BACKPAGE. That tells you they are on a sex circuit.  That means the children have no regular home!

Point 4. The article indicates a third girl had a Backpage ad and showed up at the same hotel.  Most likely they are all part of the same “stable”.  Most pimps will have at least five girls in a stable.  Note: this girl is 29 yrs old.  Sometimes we focus so much on child sex trafficking (minors) that we forget that any prostitute that is being put into prostitution by FORCE, FRAUD OR COERCION is still being trafficked even if they are an adult.

CASE 2: Pimp was in the parking lot.  Most likely he only had one or two girls, otherwise he would have the Bottom girl in the parking lot so he would not get caught.  Also note that they are on a sex circuit as she was previously sold in Colorado, Indian, Pennsylvania and Cleveland.


Think about this……16 TEENS rescued in Cleveland……kids,  real kids………..some whose parents are looking for them.

Case 5: Most of the prostitutes were drug addicts.  Pimps use Heroin to control them. That makes it nearly impossible for a girl to have the strength to make good decisions to get free. It is no longer a conscious decision to stay or go.  It is pure survival.

Note: The Police Chief believes they are a corridor for sex circuits because of the proximity to highways and motels…………. so is Riverside, San Bernardino and much of the Inland Empire.

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