Training #3

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FBI shuts alleged child prostitution site | News – Home



Please read this article ASAP.  This is a victory albeit it will most likely will be a temporary fix.

My REDBOOK is a pornographic version of
This is where children and adults are sold.
I sometimes comb through there looking for missing girls in our community.
But you have to have a strong stomach AND THE FULL ARMOUR OF GOD to troll through this deal. But when you are searching for a young girl like Melody Black it is worth it.  Please continue to pray for her and her parents.

The good news is that this will send a message to Backpage, Craigs List, Humanplex, etc that the FEDS are watching and will act.

The bad news is that sites like this will simply move off shore and it will be very hard to get cooperation or evidence for our cases.  Off shore corporations make it difficult to serve search warrants and subpoenas.   At least  actually helps us get and prove cases.  By going off shore these sites not only will not cooperate they will also exploit the victims photos on porn sites around the globe and the pimps will not care, it will just get them more visibility.

But for now, we have won one for the good guys and hopefully will slow down the exploitation of our kids and young people.



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