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Long Beach man charged with possession of child porn to appear in court Monday

Paul Michael Barbour Child Porn Case Kicked Up to Feds, Who Take Him into Custody | OC Weekly

Paul Michael Barbour’s “Rock With Your Cock Out” T-Shirt Makes His Child Porn Case Crazier | OC Weekly


The first link above started the story.  “Long Beach man charged with child porn”.
As a citizen, I would have read this, thought “What was this Dance Club thinking hiring this weirdo” and moved on.  But since I am providing these training programs to you I did some research on this guy.

Many child pornographers seem normal, have professional jobs and usually place themselves around children such as teachers, counselors, law enforcement, little league, or have high tech jobs etc.

I suppose the short version of this as a parent is, if your child is ever in events where they have to undress (theater, beauty contests, sports, dance) and there is a male instructor, ask to see their background clearances. (the information in the check is probably considered confidential). KAR suggests Barbours background check cleared just fine.  However parents later checked his face book page and dating profiles suggests questionable behavior for many years.  I am surprised KAR’s background check organization did not look at his social media profile.  (something to consider if you are suspicious of someone).

By the Way, that is why ALL Million Kids volunteers are required to fill out background check investigation forms and if you work around children in any capacity we make certain you are cleared.

BUT: this guys has lots of warning signs and this studio in my opinion is responsible.  Nothing in the articles indicate if he is only an employee or a principal in the studio. Of course all artistic people are given some latitude. There may even have been some thought that since he is an artist and dance instructor he may have preferred boys and so putting him around girls is a safety net……….now before I get a bunch of retorts about prejudice……what I am sharing with you is just common ordinary thinking as people justify these situations…….law enforcement has to take in to consideration prejudices as they interview and build their cases.

The fact that he had access to a dressing room to set up the digital camera suggests he had some level of authority in the organization.  Research says that “Kids Artistic Revue” Dance Tour was a well developed group and not just a front for other activities.  They are trying to bury this story to the bottom of their Face book page.

An Interesting side note here:  There is a positive side of Facebook.  Outraged parents can keep posting and bringing it to the top given the a powerful platform to force KAR to address it or be shamed into adysfunctional state on their face book page.

Also: KUDOS to mom who looked around the dressing room and found the camera!

As you delve deeper into who Paul Michael Barbour is, certainly there are a multitude of warning signs this guy should not be around young girls OR BOYS.

1.) He wears a T Shirt that says “Rock With Your Cock Out”…..hmm could that be a clue?
2.) He is a drug addict:  Psilocybin mushrooms, lysergic acid diethylamide, dimethyltryptamine, all hallucinogens (22 lbs) were found on him…that would make you dance assuming of course you are still upright.
3.) He is into gaming
4.) He is into the Occult.

So he is a creep and not your average child porn manufacturer and distributor.
Additionally KAR seems to be irresponsible and dishonest in their response to this and hopefully will play a very high price (civil suits) and maybe be put out of business.  Depending on how much they knew but certainly they did not take precautions to protect their vulnerable clients.  Remember this is not a back room operation.   This event was held at CYPRESS COLLEGE.

If you were just casually reading the article you most likely not pick up that many of the parents say that KAR and Law Enforcement were incorrect in the age ranges of the girls he was training.  KAR officials said the girls were from 12 to 15 but several mothers says the photos included girls from 4 to 18.  One Mother of an attendee of West Coast School of the Arts in Costa Mesa where “Mini Line Dancers” event is held suggest that KAR and Barbour train girls as young as 4.  (At this writing, their is not evidence from law enforcement that photos included kids as young as 4) but the mother is suggesting that Barbour would have access to those kids in previous gigs.

The various articles suggest that Barbour had several thousand images and 10 videos on his desktop computer. There is no mention of his smart phone and the majority  of child pornography distribution is now being done through smart phones.  This also suggests to me that he has been progressing in his child porn addiction for some time as he has moved from thousands of still images to video production.

And finally, lets talk about this from a legal point of view.  On first reading…it would appear the case was dropped by the Long Beach prosecutor…….and some readers would be outraged.

It was.  But for the purpose of taking the case federally.  State Prosecutors have to drop the case in order for it to be tried Federally. Federal cases take a lot longer, have higher burden of proof but can get much longer sentences.

I am often asked when is a case take State Case or Federal Case.  There are many factors that determine this.
1.) The amount of evidence
2.) Interstate Activity  (The use of the  Internet will qualify this case for this).
3.) Ability to get the case through a longer trial required for Federal cases
4.) Who can get the most charges and longest sentences.

I think everyone agrees this is not a “one off”.  Not this guys first rodeo.

Police and FBI are going through many of the students asking for photos to compare with the thousands of pornographic images.  Before long there could be many victims and this guy could end up with life.

Child pornography distribution and manufacturing is part of Prop 35 making this also child trafficking.

Hope this analysis is helpful.



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