Training #6 part 1

I really want to get back to reviewing sex trafficking cases however many of you were outraged (as was I) at the short sentence this man received according to your comments on Face Book so I thought it might be helpful for you to learn from this case. Keep in mind there are FEW details but I have researched what I could and I will share.

Highly published in technical and clinical peer review medical journals.
Fellow in the American College of Physicians
Elected into Fellowship in the American College of Medicial Informatics
President and Chief Medical Officer – Lantana Consulting
Chairman of the Board- Health Level Seven.
Principal of Semantically Yours (Consultant)

PHYSICIAN- Internist, Geriatrician – Kaiser Permanente


Former Orange County doctor sentenced to more than 3 years on child pornography charge

INT: Former physician sentenced on a child pornography charge

Bob Dolin | LinkedIn

Robert H. Dolin, MD, FACMI | AMIA

I think it is helpful for us to look at this man. As most pedophiles and child pornographers he looks like a great guy. He has spent his life acquiring and disseminating knowledge to help his fellow man. I would speculate that few people in his life would have ever guessed about his addiction. He has received award after award including a prestigious fellowship with the American College of Medicine and the American College of Physicians.
My guess it doesn’t get much better than this. Truly a talented and accomplished man.

But something went wrong. The details of this case are VERY sketchy. This charge is based on an investigation in 2008. And then he resigned in 2009. So why the charge and sentence in 2014, a full six years later? NO ONE IS OFFERING AN EXPLANATION so it is impossible to speculate. He has continued to be active in the medical field until recently so obviously Kaiser terminated him. Regardless he remains a valued consultant in the medical industry. My best guess is that the allegations were kept quiet by all parties to save Kaiser and Dr. Dolin public embarrassment.

Here is what we DO know from the article. He was addicted to sadistic porn involving very young children. You may recall from my training’s that 39% of kids violated in child pornography are under the age of five and 19% are under the age of two.

The article does not lead you to believe that he was manufacturing his own porn but rather viewing and possessing child porn. There seems to be no charges of distribution of porn to others which is probably why he got a lesser sentence. There is also no information on WHO was supplying the electronic porn to him. Who is making the porn and who is violating the child so Dr. Dolin could down load it?

The article indicates that from Jan to April 2008 (four months ) he received over 1000 electronic images of child pornography on his work computer. This tells us he was deep into the addiction. He was a collector. That is 300 a month, pretty heavy for a busy professional man.

Further indication of how deeply this very intelligent man was obsessed with sadistic child porn is that even though he was obviously a very busy and accomplished man respected in the industry, HE VIEWED THE PORNOGRAPHY, BRUTAL, SADISTIC IMAGES OF CHILDREN BEING HARMED AT WORK!!!!!!!. So his addiction had over taken his fear of being caught. He is intelligent so he probably thought he would not get caught, but addiction always overpowers intelligence.

Now to address the sentence of 41 months in federal prison. As a federal sentence he will have to serve 85% of the sentence rather than cut it in half for good behavior. And he is labeled a child molester (in prison) and a classified as a sex offender. There is no way to reconcile this short of time. Since the crime was six years ago, perhaps there is a shortage of evidence. A longer sentence would have been extended if he manufactured or distributed.

Additionally Proposition 35 was passed in 2012 which would have made this crime part of human trafficking but since the crime took place in 2008 that would not apply.

however, as a learning tool, the “take away” on this is that ANYONE can look normal and still have an intense obsession that causes them to literally trash every good thing in their lives to be able to feed the demon. As I have shared with you, ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) tells me that when they arrest most men, they say “Thank You.”
Living with the demon is a hell they can not seem to escape unless they are exposed.

And that is where you come in…………education is power. And now you are educated.



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