Training #6 part 2

The last Online Training I did was also on a Doctor in Orange County, California, who was addicted to child pornography. This case is nearly identical. The shorter sentence has to do with the fact that he primarily downloaded and viewed it as opposed to manufactured and distributed. Legally those sentences substantially increase the sentencing time.

The primary reason I wanted to include this in your training is just to remind you of how “normal” the people are that become addicted to child pornography. My guess everyone thought this guy was a fantastic doctor and a great guy. There is no (public) evidence that he crossed over from child pornography addiction to acting out (pedophilia).


There are two significant “take-aways” on this article from a training perspective:
1.) Child Pornography Addicts (and pedophiles) almost always place themselves in environments around children. This man is a PEDIATRICIAN. Often times they are school counselors, teachers, principals, Boy Scout Leaders, Social workers, Law Enforcement, Youth Pastors, etc.
2.) David Stewart, A local Sex and Pornography Addiction Therapist supporting Million Kids will tell you that pornography addiction can often be traced back to how young you were when you first saw pornography as a child. Indeed in this case, this Doctor says he was a abused as a child and he has been wrestling with the affects of that all his life.

Abuse, Pornography, sexual violation is no respecter of persons. It can happen to anyone. In fact, many super achievers become super achievers because they are running from events in their past they have not been able to process. This story, is yet another example, of how even the most accomplished people will eventually succumb to unprocessed trauma and secrets.

Million Kids is committed to helping these people get help. If you know anyone that needs counseling or may be dealing with prior abuse we can connect them to a variety of counselors that can assist with child hood trauma, sex and pornography addiction or counseling for spouses that are victims of betrayal from a addicted spouse.

Christopher Pelloski, former top pediatric cancer doctor, sentenced for child pornography

Published July 11, 2014 Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A former top pediatric cancer doctor was sentenced to a year and one day in federal prison Friday following his guilty plea to a charge of accessing child pornography.

Before sentencing, Christopher Pelloski told federal Judge James Graham he had harmed children, shamed his family and burdened colleagues in the pediatric cancer field by committing a crime that meant he would never practice medicine again.

Pelloski, the former director of Ohio State University’s pediatric cancer radiation program, said he also added to the pain felt by families whose children he was treating, since they had to wonder if he had ever harmed their children.

“I’ve generated a lot of harm and I’ve hurt those who loved me the most,” Pelloski said.

The government found no evidence that Pelloski committed crimes with children under his care.

Graham also fined Pelloski $10,000, placed him on federal supervision for five years after his release from prison and strictly restricted his future Internet use. Pelloski must also register as a sex offender.

Pelloski said he hopes to get a job researching cancer cures and become an anti-child pornography advocate.

Graham said his goal was imposing a sentence strict enough to reflect the seriousness of the crime but taking into account several positive things about Pelloski, including his career spent researching and treating childhood cancer.

The judge said Pelloski’s case highlighted the “mushrooming social phenomenon spawned by the literal ocean of pornography, adult and child, that circulates on the Internet.”

Graham allowed Pelloski, 40, to stay free on bond and report to a federal prison in two months. Graham said he would recommend a low-security camp-type facility as close to Columbus as possible.

Assistant federal prosecutor Heather Hill had sought a sentence of at least 18 months. She noted Pelloski’s activity dated back to 2007.

“He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he chose to continue doing it over and over and over again,” she said.

A criminal complaint against Pelloski last summer said he acknowledged to investigators that he used his home desktop computer and a laptop belonging to Ohio State University to download child pornography, including videos and photos.

Evidence against Pelloski included two graphic videos and about 85 images of child pornography, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.


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