Training #8

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Wounded special-ops veterans take on new enemy: child porn


Child Porn manufacturing, possession and distribution is now part of human trafficking. It is becoming prolific. Both for men and women.

90% of Child Porn is now distributed through cell phones. The smart phone is always with you and so it is more and more addictive. You have it with you when you drive, when you work, even when you go to the bathroom.

Now people are making their own using web cams so they are engaged in the creative process versus buying it from a major studio. That means they are constantly thinking about how to make their new release or how to lure in boys (especially) and girls in compromising photos so they can distribute them. And now they have huge secret chat rooms to exchange the images so they are getting constant feedback and reinforcement of approval by their latest release.

It is my estimation that people who normally would never be involved in child porn are now being lured into the POSSESSION of it as the provocative images of young people in suggestive poses is everywhere, even on today’s billboards. We have lost our inhibitions, we have become desensitized and re-label the obvious so it is acceptable…… is just art, it is just advertising…. and it triggers the senses to engage………otherwise marketers would not use it.

This is especially damaging to a guy or girl who was sexually violated or saw porn at a young age.

Because of increased technology and the massive Internet networks bringing literally millions of people together, on line child porn is becoming an epidemic. In some circles it is not even considered perverted.

MMORPG’S (Massive on line gaming i.e. World of Warcraft) makes attracting and exploitation of young people (especially boys) vulnerable through access and grooming while they are engaged in a fantasy world dependent on their “guild” for approval.

It is a small step from possession to manufacturing and distribution.

I am exploring over and over, at what stage can we intervene and stop child porn addiction. when it is still in the possession (and not manufacturing and distribution) stage.

If a person is addicted they need help. But to report that you are looking at it
so you can get help means a mandatory reporter must report you. So most don’t ask for help and so it escalates.

How can we intervene?

BEFORE a person acts out……is it possible?……how is it possible?….
What could I do to make a difference?




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