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3 Jailed After Woman Allegedly Tortured, Held Captive, Forced Into Prostitution at O.C. Motels | KTLA


This does not seem to be a typical sex trafficking case. Usually the victim is groomed and lured in over a period of time. In this case it appears the victim was actually coerced through her need for drugs, prostituted and tortured.

One important point is that the victim is 26. Because of our concern and focus on helping teens to avoid becoming victim,s we often over look the fact that ANYONE AT ANY AGE can be a victim of human trafficking. In fact, many of the adults in “The Life” started as young people. Not enough attention is being given to human trafficking victims over the age of 21. All too often we just assume they want to be there. Today, most prostitutes are forced to “Chose up” – find a pimp to survive.

There was a time that it was “prostitution as usual.” Some girls that, for what ever reason, wanted to make money selling their bodies. But today the environment is extremely different for a girl on the streets. Gangs and Cartels control much of the sex trafficking “territory”. The Internet means any pervert can order up any perversion by targeting escort services and porn sites.

The comments being made here do not necessarily apply to this specific case. It appears as if this girl was using drugs and met the pimp in a motel where he convinced her to do prostitution in exchange for drugs. Then the assaults began. Burnings (glass pipe and hot iron), beatings and assault are common place if you get a bad pimp. I can tell you that ANY pimp that is using and selling drugs in addition to prostitution is preying on addicted girls.

Note the movement of  the operation. Starting in Costa Mesa, then Westminister and throughout Orange County. It is the movement of the victim that makes tracking them hard to find. AS USUAL there  is another women involved, “the Bottom Girl” named Renice, 26. They believe there are other victims.

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