Training #12

9th Grade Sex Ed Now Features Sex Toys, Oral Sex And BONDAGE | The Daily Caller

I am not certain if this is really Online Lesson #12 or just that I wanted each and everyone of you to see this.

Million Kids has spent much of the last four years educating teens in schools about exploitation, online dating sites, websites like KIK (see lesson #11) and social media gaming grooming and recruitment. These kinds of articles cause me to take pause.

There is a push within the legislation to include human trafficking as part of the high school curriculum.

While I certainly hope it happens I wonder what the curriculum will really say. It seems we are all about the anatomy and the tactics (S&M Bondage etc…).

Where is the curriculum about respect?

More than ever, I believe there is a CRITICAL need to educate parents about the need to teach that sex is about love and sex should be about respect and helping our young people differentiate between an empowering relationship and an exploitative relationship. It would appear that if a child does not learn this at home and at church or synagogue, the odds are not great they will get it through our educational institutions. We must empower our young people to reclaim their personal dignity and the joy that comes from being a child of the great Almighty.




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