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Barrington students charged with possession of child pornography in ‘sexting’ case at Barrington Middle School | null

Please read the article first.  I hope many of you will give this trend some thought and feel free to share with me your suggestions for combating this.  Million Kids is in the process of creating a program for both parents and teens to address some of the inevitable addictions  of teenagers when we arm them with 24 hour access to pornography, chat rooms, social media “hook-up sites” and virtual relationships. Your prayers and financial support of this project is critical.

Note:  These BOYS were 14. Hormonal, undeveloped brains and we hand them a smart phone for 24 hour access… Hmmmmmmm  how on earth could that go wrong?

Some food for thought.

In the virtual world, sex is NOT making love. In fact because it is virtual sex where the perversion and lack of boundaries is limitless. It is ever present and woven in the ad content, peer-to-peer photo exchange and online gaming.

Sex, sexting and pornography are  OK because it is not real in the virtual world. Well, at least that is what kids believe. In sexting, the raunchier the better and the less you know the recipient the more breathtaking the thrill.   Teens feel entitled to their privacy. They do not view it as immoral because “they haven’t done anything.”  Even Christian kids engage in this. They are sinning without recognizing they are sinning.

Like a famous leader once said,  “Oral sex is NOT sex.” Today our kids believe that virtual pornography, sexting, videos/photos of masturbation is NOT sex because it is NOT REAL.

So nobody is getting hurt.   

There does not seem to be a conscious thought process that this is involving REAL PEOPLE. And, they don’t seem to realize that they are processing this with REAL emotions even if it is a virtual experience. And, REAL PEOPLE are getting hurt.

Our Youth Ministers are telling me that Teen Pornography Addiction is reaching a level never before seen. Think of this analogy.

We hand a kid a live grenade to carry 24/7 and say… whatever you do, “Don’t pull the pin!”

Please pray that the right people will come forward and help us in the “Battle for our Childrens Soul”.

Thank you for all you do to support Million Kids.



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