Training #15

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FBI — Former Area Man Convicted of Sex Trafficking Two Minors and an Adult Victim at Southwest Suburban Motels

Hi.  I haven’t done an on Line Training for a while because my life developed some complications.

Here is a typical sex trafficking scenario. This is a textbook case.

Pimp, who is named  “Face,” is trafficking multiple minors and most likely using the adult prostitute as the “bottom girl” for recruiting and managing the minors. The good news is the counts are strong and he could get LIFE. I hope so because it is hard to rehabilitate a person with no moral compass.

One of the points that I think is interesting in understanding this crime is that most of the PIMPS are not accidental. It is like there is a personality profile walking the earth looking for the vulnerable to victimize.

 In other words, they understand they are using and abusing women for personal power and personal gain and have no remorse or feelings of guilt about the level of abuse they are subjecting on others and certainly little consideration is given that their prey is young.  It is difficult for a normal person  to understand these personalities. These are extreme narcissists with no conscience. These folks are not a case of a nice guy gone bad… they are wired differently than most people.

I point this out because I have been dealing with child pornography in previous trainings. Pornographers  are often nice (or nice appearing) normal men and women who have a sexual deviance, but PIMPs for the most part never were nice folks. Pimps are true bottom feeders and it is all about their power and control.

As you can tell “Face” often resorted to extreme violence and beatings in order to maintain superiority, power and control. He required the girls to use their money to pay for their own  online ads like In the beginning, probably during the grooming period, they will be allowed to keep some money, but as is most often the case, the prostitute invariably never gets the money she has earned. The purpose is fourfold.  1.) the pimp believes he is OWED the money for putting up with them. 2.) Keeping a girl broke keeps her subservient to him. 3.) Taking away the prostitute’s earnings further reinforces her belief that she has no worth or value. 4.) Without money she has few options.

Also of note is that this case was busted through an undercover investigation. There is some good police work here. They pulled over the car and recognized the pattern for sex trafficking. I bet that would not have happened a couple of years ago because law enforcement was not well trained then. We are making progress.

An important point in understanding the scenario from a victims’ point of view  is that even though he beat them and threatened to permanently burn and scar the older girls face, THEY DID NOT TURN THEMSELVES IN OR ASK FOR HELP. This is the insidious nature of this criminal activity. That is the incessant brainwashing and intense fear that takes place so that a victim does not reach out for help.

This is a typical low-life gangster-style pimp. Most likely stand alone and not part of a bigger sex ring. But, if you are the victim, there are only two ways out for you.  1.) hope you get arrested and the police stand beside you as a victim and get you victim services and incarcerate the pimp with huge charges so you can get into protective custody… this is the most common solution… however, if this goes wrong you are going to pay a very dear price when your pimp gets out… or 2.) turn yourself in… which most victims will not do because they are afraid of police. They believe the police will arrest them, blame them or not protect them from the pimp and, even worse, most victims are so degraded they blame themselves and believe they are getting what they deserve.

This is why the “DAMAGED GOODS TRAP” is the most important message of the Love Trap program. We must reach young people and reassure them that if they ever find a person degrading them in any way,  sexually, by porn, online exploitation or whatever…. THAT GOD WILL FORGIVE THEM. WE WILL FORGIVE THEM AND IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO REACH OUT AND ASK FOR HELP.  Along with that is the message that even if you are a foster child, even if you have run away or are homeless… even if there are a thousand porn photos of you… even if you are pregnant… YOU ARE A TREASURED CHILD OF GOD…




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