Alleged Long Beach Gang Member Charged With Committing Human Trafficking, Great Bodily Injury

lbcrimeRead Article HERE

I would like to use this case just to illustrate how brutal gang sex trafficking can be.  All sex trafficking is exploitive but gangs acting as pimps seem to find some level of inhumanity that is often difficult to describe.  This article reminds us of how important it is to educate young girls about why they don’t want to date gang members or become a gang member. For girls and women the price can be catastrophic.  This article suggests that a deadly weapon was involved and that if the victim did not make at least $500.00 a night he would beat her, cut her with a knife and threaten to kill her.  From the reference to the injuries, he came pretty close.

One of the most important points to observe is that the DETECTIVES saw this girls injuries in court AND RECOGNIZED that they could be signs of trafficking.  Additionally they seemed to recognize her from a prior encounter.  A year ago that probably would not have happened.  I know the Long Beach Task Force folks and they are excellent.  KUDOS to them for being proactive.

The fact that the girl was severely beaten before a court date also tells you how sociopathic and arrogant the pimp is.

Sometimes it is easy for me (and probably you) to believe this is all a bit melodramatic.  But this article reminds us just how real it is and how important the fight is to educate young people about how to not get lured in by a smooth talking predator.



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