Cam Girls Are Choosing Sex Streaming As A Long-Term Career Path


You decide if you want to read it or not.  But I believe that recognizing the danger in this trend exceeds the risk of offending you. 

Read Article Here: Cam girls are choosing sex streaming as a long-term career path

I have thought long and hard before sharing this with a small group of friends that I provide information on the changes in sex trafficking.

cam-girlI do believe this one is important or I would not send it.

Here is a whole new way to lure kids in and exploit them.

Since the number one activity on KIK is sexting ………..they will be all over this.

So will Omegle (video chat room)

This may even end up giving competition or Backpage will open up their own version of this.

Caming…….is basically masturbating in front of a web cam for money.  Either it will advance to prostitution and /or Backpage will start caming increasing their audience and attracting new followers.  Caming is now possible because of the increase size of the internet bandwidth and speed of transmission and capacity for storing video (cloud).  This is a version of the video chat rooms I show in my presentation (Omegle)

More important it provides one more step in the grooming process.

And greatly magnifies the potential for exploitation

You think you want to be a prostitute then try this out first………lots of money..etc

Or guys and girls exchanging naked photos, or sexting………this is sexting on steroids.

She does it for her boyfriend,  he shares it……..and she is exploited at school, and everywhere.  ………..he makes money off it………she is ruined………..the possible scenarios are endless and scary.

He will say she did it willingly……..she did

She sent it to him freely……….no agreements………..he has a right to share it.

Then it is on the web and intercepted.

Porn rings will love this.

LBGT community will take this to a whole new level

Or guys start setting up private sights, as “Agents” for the girls are school.  they get a cut

But remember this is ALL on film.    this will be the perfect trap to ensnare a large range of girls who would never just arrive at a strip club or start working for a pimp………..they are just having fun and making money……or wanting to please their boyfriend…….and then one day the SEXTORTION will start …..threatening to ruin them …….if they dont do as the pimp or bottom says……….

This is something a teenager can do in their bedroom…………

and will take sexting to a whole new level

This will greatly expand the potential for access,grooming, recruiting and ultimately exploitation into sex trafficking.



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