Visa Nixes Cards as Payment Option for Online Sex Ads

UNITED STATES - JULY 30:  Visa logos appear on credit and debit cards arranged for a photograph in New York, U.S., on Thursday, July 30, 2009. Visa Inc., the world's biggest electronic payment network, posted higher fiscal third-quarter profit as more consumers paid bills with credit, charge and debit cards.  (Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

 In case you have not seen this:

Facebook Messenger now lets users send money to friends | Naked Security

We just read yesterday that Backpage no longer takes credit cards………only bitcoins

Visa Nixes Cards as Payment Option for Online Sex Ads | TIME

Are we now going to use Facebook –  to send the money to Backpage?    Probably.

I am just starting to think this out but this could have a wide range of implications.

Please understand I am only speculating here but want each of you to be aware of this.

Who needs Backpage?   You can use your Face book page to drive to your personal advertising page and have them pay you through Face book. This will make the Law Enforcement and prosecution job more difficult.  When the ads are consolidated through a limited range of sources such as Backpage, Craigs list etc then it is easier to track individuals and activities.

 Ultimately this might hurt Backpage’s business as the ad is placed only to attract new customers and repeat customers connect through a private website and pay through Facebook.  Or there could develop many competitors and small time players that compete with Backpage that collect through Facebook.

A while back I shared with some of you about the phenomena of “Caming”. In essence it is amateur web cam pornography.  Teens are sitting in front of a web cam (pleasuring themselves) and selling it for a fee.  Using Facebook as the collection system will most likely expand the market place and accelerate the business model.  Perhaps we will see a large expansion of subscription pornography sites, some operated by minors or perhaps we will see a substantial increase in child pornography purveyors as they launder the money through a trail of Facebook transactions.

And finally I am speculating that this could really make the money laundering capability for gangs and large scale pimp rings more challenging to track as money is transferred from one Facebook account to the other over and over, each requiring a subpoena.

As a disclaimer, you are receiving this as a personal training blog of Opal Singleton and Million Kids.  It is our desire to just keep you informed in case you were not aware.  The information above is only my speculation and is NOT based on any facts or cases.

Just keeping you informed and giving you something to think about.

Have a great day.



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