Click to read story: FBI — Middle School Teacher Charged with Attempting to Purchase Live Video Sex Shows Involving Filipino Children

chat-roomsI just wanted you to be aware that there is a new and disturbing trend with live video sex chat rooms.

The internet capacity has expanded dramatically over the past two years with the cloud and technical capabilities expanding the band width and speed.   So we are seeing more and more video chat rooms such as Omegle and ooVoo which are like Skype on steroids.

You all probably all ready know about the dark web but just in case.  If you think of the internet as a bucket of water, the top 75% of the bucket is currently scanned by Google, Verizon, AOL etc.  Currently this is a technology called Photo DNA which scans all emails in the top 75% for child pornography or images of a child being abused.  It is done using an algorithm.   To date, NCMEC has intercepted over 130 million images of a naked or abused child using photo DNA (note: 32 million were teen selfies that they sent themselves…argh!)

But the bottom 25% is not being scanned yet because of inadequate technology.  It is there that they operate the dark web (example the Tor Network) .  Law enforcement has broken up some huge rings that thrive in the dark web.  A recent one had 27,000 perverts exchanging child porn.  We believe they may have discovered one that had upwards of 100,000 pornographers.  Child pornography is rapidly becoming a global epidemic.  As some of you may be aware there is a movement in the U.S. to try to classify pedophilia as a normal instinct like being gay and not to be considered an aberration (but I digress).

This trend that could exploit children in many third world countries including India , Cambodian, Thailand, and Haiti children. It operates similar to the case above.   A guy in Sweden (or Seattle) decides he wants a 6 year old in the Phillipines.  They set up a web cam and bring the girl (or boy)  in from a small village and exploit them  in front of the camera while their activities are being viewed by a pervert in Sweden, or in this case America.  They can pay by bitcoins and now they will be able to pay through facebook money transfer.  These are hard to trace and are being used  heavily in the global money laundering business.

The real challenge for this is that local providers of this are hard to locate and the purchaser is even harder to locate and prove.  And the filming, while live, is most likely also being recorded so it can be sold over and over.

One of the challenges for Law Enforcement is penetrating the Dark Web.  You would think that with technology we could easily begin to penetrate the Tor Network (dark web) because it is getting smaller and smaller that has not be penetrated.  But ICAC has explained to me that this logic does not hold true.  As the capacity and band width of the internet expand, so does the dark web.   For example, instead of now having a bucket of water you are actually making the internet into an ocean and as the capacity for the top 75% expands…………so does the bottom 25% ………..the dark web.

I believe as GLOBAL human trafficking advocates we must be aware of this trend and watch for it.  If we should ever encounter it, then it should be reported to the FBI (I can assist with this) as well as locally in the country where this is taking place.



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