Man sentenced for role in human trafficking case | Maryland-Delaware

36-year-old Marcus Foreman, originally from Worcester County but currently living in Salisbury according to family, entered an Alford Plea and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role in a human trafficking ring that took place at America’s Best Value Inn in Salisbury in November 2014.

I am going to analyze the above case for you. Click the link to read the case.

I will begin with the information just in this article and then I will see if I can find more information.

First they admit that he was part of a sex trafficking ring.

So that tells me this is “gorilla pimping” as opposed to romeo pimping which is based on a boyfriend girlfriend relationship. It states there were at least 5 defendants in the ring. I bet if we do research one of the defendants is a female. She will be the “Bottom girl” that lured in the victim.

It also tells me that if they had a lookout (the defendant) and that he was most likely part of a gang. The fact that his nickname was “murder” gives you a hint that this is not just a girl turning tricks for her boyfriend. The victim is being mercilessly  enslaved. The fact that the accomplice got 145 years tells you there is extenuating circumstances. This is a hardcore crime. This also means there was a LOT of evidence. Often times in a sex trafficking case there is not. And it tells me the victim is  cooperating which is even rarer but they obviously were torturing them.  I am proud of her to testify against an entire ring like this one.

Note that it seemed like most of the activity centered around the Americas Best Value Inn.

This smells to high heaven. Usually sex trafficking rings move around. Tells me that there was inside assistance at the front desk. If the Law Enforcement could prove inside cooperation they could confiscate the hotel for Asset Forfeiture but it is hard to prove.

I will google for more info.


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