Woman charged in Salisbury human trafficking case

Mary Cassandra Paulos, 32, of Temple Hills, Maryland, faces charges of first- and second-degree assault, human trafficking –– take cause, human trafficking –– conspire/aid/abet, conspiracy to commit human trafficking –– take cause and several other charges, relating to incidents that happened Nov. 19, online court records show.

This is the bottom girl.

Told you that one of the defendants was a woman.

A bottom girl usually starts out as a prostitute. Then at some point she gets promoted. Look how normal she looks compared to the male pimps. The pimps use the bottom girl to recruit the girls, discipline the girls, place the ads on Backpage and manage the money.

Most pimps think the bottom girl will be a buffer between him and prison. It did not work this time.

But think about this. The bottom girl is both victim and perpetrator. In order to be promoted to Bottom girl she started as a prostitute.

Recruiting new girls is not an option for her. IT IS HER VERY SURVIVAL otherwise she is back on the street where she started.

Note there were multiple girls in the prostitution ring (this is called a stable). The bottom girl probably made out to the younger girls how much fun she was having and all the money she was making and they could do it too.

The victims were all given drugs so they were not able to resist and they could be controlled. The bottom girl probably got them hooked early on as part of the recruitment process. The bottom girl will probably be given the opportunity to be a victim IF SHE TESTIFIES AGAINST THE PIMPS, which with these sentences she may have done that. They say the charges aren’t available yet…………..translation……….they are still negotiating whether to treat her like a victim and give her a reduced sentence or treat her as part of the sex trafficking gang with a long sentence. If she is smart, she will rollover on the pimps. These guys are going away for a LONG time.

Finally the victims. It does not say they are minors, but it suggests the one victim was drugged and was able to get free to call her boyfriend for help.

This confirms my initial assessment of gorilla pimping. The girls were lured in by the bottom girl, quickly given drugs,  “broken”……..that is another lesson…… and then held in motels and forced into repeated sex acts with no way to get free.

WOW……….WE STARTED WITH A REALLY HARD CORE CASE………..and a church elder……….really?


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