Lawyers: Human trafficking defendant was also victim

Mary Cassandra Paulos was an unusual type of defendant, as lawyers said she was also a victim in the Salisbury human trafficking case.

In this case Paulos was the bottom girl. As you can tell from the previous three she got caught up in a very vile gang.  They were a really nasty piece of work. The Pimp (“Murder”) originally got her hooked on heroin and made her into the Bottom Girl. The Bottom girl is the Pimp’s lead manager. She oversees the other prostitutes activities, handles the money, places the ads, and recruits new girls. The Pimp will often use her as a buffer between himself and jail. Trust me, Law Enforcement gets it and the ploy does not work.

As this article indicates she is both victim and predator. She could not be promoted to Bottom Girl unless she had already worked in prostitution. This is important for people to understand. Once she is promoted she is obligated to recruit younger girls FOR HER OWN SURVIVAL. Otherwise she will be put back on the street full time. So she was ONCE a victim that gets promoted to predator. Please understand how important this is.

If she does not recruit others she gets demoted. That means she is really motivated to come up with new and younger recruits. We are especially seeing this take place in high schools as (gang) bottom girls are enrolled in schools for the sole purpose of recruiting other girls. You may recall in my first part of this training session I predicted there would be a girl involved because almost all sex trafficking gangs have Bottom girl (s).

So is she a victim or is she a predator?

How should law enforcement handle this?

The way most Law Enforcement deals with this is based on how cooperative the Bottom Girl is in delivering the Pimp and the rest of the gang. Obviously in this case she did cooperate. However the damage done to the victims was so great the judge probably felt she could not walk away without proving that she has changed. Perhaps, getting  off the drugs, going through a rehab program, significant psychological counseling to help her rebuild her character so that if they released her she would not go back to the life.

I have seen cases go both ways. It really depends on the circumstances of the case and the level of cooperation of the bottom girl.


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