chainClick to read article: Prostitution: A personal choice

A letter to Million Kids Supporters.

Some of you have forwarded this article to me. I commend you for caring enough to be alert to this issue. Thank you!

I would like to make a few personal comments about this article. These are my opinions and you have your opinions that may or may not agree, but I appreciate the dialogue.

While I obviously don’t agree with the crux of the message and yes some of it makes my hair stand on end, I would not be an activist if it did not, there are some ideas here I think are critical to understand and hopefully it will encourage some of you to engage with Million Kids and help us combat this.

First, the writer obviously has no idea of the true world of prostitution. I can tell this by the statement, “pimps are less likely to be abusive if prostitutes have an alternative route to market.” 99.9% of pimping is based on sociopathic behavior and is about power and control, and yes money. But to suggest pimps will suddenly become sweet and kinder to their prey because of marketplace changes is ignorant at best and insulting to the rest of us.

However, HERE IS WHERE I AGREE WITH THE WRITER. And this is the message I hope Million Kids followers will hear as we need your engagement in educating our young people:

More and more of pornography production and prostitution solicitation WILL take place through the Internet. The danger is that it opens the entire world up to amateurs who will willingly enter into “caming” (masturbating before the webcam and selling it online). Today a 12-year-old can do that in their own bedroom. With technologies like Periscope and Meerkat they will be able to broadcast that out and get thousands of followers.

This changes our world dynamics. The writer is accurate in that often this starts out being voluntary. It is exciting and sometimes lucrative. So it CAN be a choice. However, in my work I can tell you that while many people (both guys and girls) start out on a lark or intrigued by the attention and income, it inevitably starts them down a path that gets darker and darker. It’s like the first time someone tries meth is a far different experience than 9 months of meth use. At some point the person realizes they are no longer an independent contractor with free will and choice and opportunities and adoration by their followers.

The challenge for the supporters of Million Kids is how to educate parents and teens so THEY NEVER TAKE THEIR FIRST STEP DOWN THIS PATH. We hand our kids devices that opens the world to very adult choices, but often we do this when they are still a child mentally and psychologically. It is my opinion, based on the cases I see, that young people make choices without the maturity and guidance and understanding of the path they are choosing. So the writer is right. IT IS OFTEN A CHOICE. Our challenge is to educate people about the reality of the path they are choosing and help them know they are worth a lot more than what they settling for.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and your financial support.


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