ProPublica Launches the Dark Web’s First Major News Site

Read story here: ProPublica Launches the Dark Web’s First Major News Site | WIRED


This is a technical article and I am not sure I comprehend all the implications of this. 

Certainly it would affect child porn rings. Of interest is that Facebook has launched it’s own Tor Hidden Service in 2014.  I find this fascinating because so many of our cases today are still based on luring kids  through Facebook even though all the techno experts tell you teens are not  using Facebook. The cases I am seeing have increased not decreased. I wonder if our Crime Analyst is trained in the dark parts of FB.  I will ask.

What has significant potential in my initial thinking on this is that Facebook just launched it’s own version of “Periscope” style Live Streaming. That means a 14-year-old can live stream a display of her new bellybutton ring and literally thousands of people can begin to follow her (and geo track the transmission back to her home or filming location). Some periscope users have 50,000+ followers. One pastor has 12 million.  I am thinking of using it myself to enhance my global training capability.

Add to that someday Facebook may choose to combine dark web anonymity to live streaming and potentially we could see the setting up of thousands of individuals globally connecting for discussions on pornography, sex trafficking rings, immigration rings, and even terrorism. Theoretically it could be set up to do group trainings via live streaming on the dark web for very unsavory purposes. 

Even high school students could set up virtual gang rapes geo-based to a specific school by connecting live streaming into the dark web. A less sophisticated version of this just took place in Joplin, Missouri when a cheerleader’s photo was placed in a DropBox and about 40 high school jocks virtually violated it each evening. You needed a code to participate.

Right now I believe this is all hypothetical, but it inspires the imagination.

The future will be a fascinating and complicated place. More important it will change our approach to crime prevention and intervention  and keeping our kids safe. 



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