Secret Facebook groups being used by pedophiles to swap obscene images

Read Article Here: Secret Facebook groups being used by pedophiles to swap obscene images – Naked Security 

secret-facebook-groupsThis is exactly the predecessor to Facebook operating legitimate sites in the dark web that I have been sharing with some of you about.  This is simply “Step one.”

Last week Facebook  announced they were opening up a legitimate site in the dark web along with Pro publica (an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest).

You add to this virtual reality pornography, live streaming to millions, Facebook money transfer and you will see global child pornography rings, sex trafficking solicitations and sextortion rings so large we are unable to fathom the number today. 

By opening a legitimate site in the dark web, Facebook has paved the way for “dark users.” By adding live streaming technology, which they launched recently, pedophiles will be able to transmit and interact with literally millions of like-minded individuals where they can talk to each other and exchange photos and videos. By adding cyber currency that is anonymous (Facebook money transfer), Facebook has paved a way for pedophiles to exchange money anonymously and without traceability (opening the door for money laundering). Then we add new laws that restrict access to cell phone encryption. Recently the consumer electronics show announced Virtual Reality Pornography so graphic it sears in the brain. It is meant to alter an individuals thinking and permit acceptance of unseemly behavior that is not currently considered moral or socially acceptable. There is nothing to keep cartels and ISIS from using this same configuration of technologies.  

Combating human exploitation in the future will make today’s crimes look simple. 



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