The Truth About Male Sex & Labor Trafficking

The Truth About Male Sex & Labor Exploitation

This week on Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity we are going to explore sex and labor trafficking of males.

Listen to the archived show HERE.

Trafficking involving males often does not get enough attention. Sometimes it is an adult male who is being exploited through labor and sex trafficking. Sometimes it is an unsuspecting teenage boy who is lured in through the promise of a modeling  job or a free iPhone. Sometimes boys are sextorted through relationships developed via apps like Grindr or video game chat rooms where they have bonded with their new friend. Sometimes it is “survival sex,”known as trading your body for food and shelter to have a place to stay. Research shows that over 60% of exploited males are heterosexual.

Be sure to join us on Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the Voice America – Variety Channel as we dispel the myths and overcome prejudices about male sexual exploitation. If you miss the live show, you can find the archived show on ExploitedCrimes.com.

Links to Case Stories:

Male Labor Trafficking:

Human trafficking case ends for 48 Thai welders – latimes

Written Testimony of Anna Park

The above two links provide an overview of the labor exploitation case of 48 Thai welders contracted to work on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The men came to the U.S. legally on work visas and fully expected to have legitimate employment.

Traffickers force more men into servitude – Houston Chronicle

The story of a Salvadoran migrant who was held captive for five months on a remote ranch in Texas picking vegetables where he was tortured and raped.

Amid claims of trafficking, Cambodian villagers file a lawsuit against US and Thai seafood companies | The Indian Express

Cambodian men who were forced into labor trafficking working long hours in horrid conditions without pay in Thailand are suing U.S. Corporations that contract with the Thai fish employer.

Male Sex Trafficking:

Man forced teen boys into sex and drug trafficking, police say | Deseret News

42-year-old Victor Manual Rax of Salt Lake City allegedly forced teen boys into sex and drug trafficking, as well as carrying and selling of drugs into local middle and high schools.  Allegedly, after having forced sex with the teens, he told them, “I own you and I own your families.

Couch Surfing:

Graphic details emerge in case of Aurora man accused of sex-trafficking boys – The Denver Post

48-year-old Sean Crumpler faces multiple counts of trafficking and sexual servitude of a minor and other charges. Crumpler allegedly coerced and recruited multiple male minors ranging in age from 16 to 21 into sexual servitude in exchange for food, housing, drugs alcohol and gifts such as iPhones.


U.S. Attorney: Abita Springs man ran child porn sites, instructed members how to create videos | New Orleans – WDSU Home

27-year-old  Jonathan Johnson ran a massive child porn ring from his parent’s home with over 27,000 pedophile members. There were hundreds of victims of which 95% were boys.  He taught others how to coerce and victimize boys into sending sexually explicit photos to him and others and the photos were then distributed to thousands of pedophiles on Johnson’s porn ring.

Indiana Man Charged With Child Sexual Exploitation | NBC4 Washington

Sextortion: Rural Indiana man accused of making 14-year old boys into “cam slaves” | Ars Technica

Richard L Finkbiner, 39, was arrested  and is facing multiple counts of sexually exploiting a child. He allegedly coerced two teenage boys into performing online sex acts for him and then threatened to post it on gay porn sites. Investigators found thousands of explicit imagesof teenage boys on Finkbiners hard drive. They believe there could be hundreds of victims.

Hialeah ‘sextortionist’ sentenced to 139 years in prison | Miami Herald

22-year-old Patrick Killen was convicted on 15 federal charges. He would assume the identities of teenage female cheerleaders to engage boys 11 to 14 years old to send him sexually explicit photos of themselves. There are at least 300 victims. Killian contends he is not a pedophile and should not be in prison.

Two Members of International Child Exploitation Conspiracy Sentenced | OPA | Department of Justice

Stephen Funk, 35, and James Hancock, 45, were sentenced for conspiracy to distribute and receive child pornography. The investigation identified more than 300 U.S. minor victims and a total of 1600 minor victims globally. Funk and Hancock created fake websites with false profiles and lured minors to the site. Once the victims were there, they were shown pre-recorded videos of minor victims engaging in sexually explicit conduct to make the victims think they were chatting with another minor. They enticed both male and female victims to engage in their own sexually explicit activity where it was recorded. The MINORS EARNED POINTS for their sex videos.


EXPLOITED: Crimes Against Humanity,“ airs Thursdays at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Voice America – Variety Channel. Click HERE to download the mobile app or to link via your computer to listen.

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