sextortion_public_service_announcement_-_90_seconds_psc_department_of_justic_2016-04-20_15-39-30When Fantasy Turns to Nightmare

This week on Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity we are going to continue to explore the intricacies of the grooming process and how predators use our own imaginations to ensnare the vulnerable. Whether it is an adult male in Thailand, a single woman in Las Vegas, a sweet 14-year-old girl sending an Instagram or a teen boy obsessed with winning at World of Warcraft, no one is safe. Be sure to join us on Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the Voice America – Variety Channel. If you miss the live show, you can find the archived show on

Predators are manipulators. What starts out as an innocent fantasy quickly ensnares the victim and they are powerless to get free. This show will delve deep into the abyss of human exploitation and the psychology behind blackmail, sextortion, forced labor and prostitution.

The Good News… Once you understand it. You can recognize it and help others so they won’t be victimized. Join with us this week and educate yourself to become a LEADER in combating human exploitation.

EDUCATION is the key to combating EXPLOITATION. We need YOU to get informed and get INVOLVED!

Listen to the archived show HERE.

Case/Story Links for this week’s show:

 Signs Your Teen Is Being Groomed by Sex Traffickers – Catholic Charities Community Services   

Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers | Million Kids – Online Store

I Was 17 When My Boyfriend Sold Me for Sex 

John David Yoder: ‘I have been falsely accused’

Yoder sentenced to 24 years in prison | News – Home

Minecraft’ Match Gone Wrong: Man Drove To Michigan With Butcher Knife To Meet Teen In Person   

Three men charged with human trafficking by Toronto police in two separate incidents

Pokemon Go is ‘a gateway for paedophiles’: NSPCC urges makers NOT to release it in Britain unless they can guarantee it can’t be used by sexual predators to lure children

Read more:
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