Human Trafficking in America:
Is It Hype or Is It Real?

Welcome to Million Kids

It seems like every week we see a special on TV about sex slaves in America. Sunday night specials feature seemingly unbelievable stories of young girls forced into prostitution. There are now an estimated 100 nonprofit organizations combating human trafficking in Southern California alone. So what is the truth? What are the driving forces behind this apparent epidemic? Who are the victims? Why here and why now?

Human trafficking is indeed the fastest growing crime in America and three out of four victims are U.S. Citizens (our people, many are our kids). A full 90% of sex trafficking cases in Southern California are gang-related, but the kids who fall prey to these gangs never once in their wildest dreams ever thought they would end up in forced prostitution. Nearly half of the cases involve gang-rings encompassing multiple cities and states.

A full 60% of cases involve recruitment by another girl.

Million Kids is a pioneer in the field of prevention and intervention to keep our kids safe from predators. We have trained tens of thousands of government agencies, educators, faith-based leaders, corporate leaders, law enforcement and first responders, as well as parents and teens, about how pimps and predators trick and lure innocent young people into sextortion (blackmail with a naked photo) and prostitution (sex trafficking). We are known for our cutting-edge research on technology and human exploitation.

Join us this week as we dissect how vicious pimps, pedophiles and predators target our youth and lure, force and coerce them into a life of drugs, sex, abuse and servitude.

Exploited: Crimes Against Humanity airs each week at 7:00 a.m. PST on VOICE AMERICA VARIETY CHANNEL. Call in live at 1-866-472-5788 and share your experiences and insights. Contact us to archive our show on your website. “Like” Million Kids on Facebook and email us at to get involved so we can say together, “NEVER AGAIN SHOULD A CHILD BE VIOLATED!”

If you missed the live show, you can listen to the archived show at

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Opal Singleton, Author, “Seduced – The Grooming of America’s Teenagers”

EXPLOITED: Crimes Against Humanity,“ airs Thursdays at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Voice America – Variety Channel. Click HERE to download the mobile app or to link via your computer to listen.

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