Child Sex Trafficking:
The Most Vulnerable

A Detroit-area law enforcement officer talks with a young victim during an international crackdown on child trafficking in October 2016 (Operation Cross Country X). (FBI)

– Foster Kids
– Homeless Kids
– Runaway Kids
– Pregnant Teens and Women
– Drug Addicted Individuals
– Teens who “meet up” on Social Media

Want to know more about how to stop sex trafficking? Let’s look at the vulnerable individuals that are favorite targets of pimps, pedophiles and predators. More than 60% of youth in prostitution come from the foster care system and group homes. About 80% of homeless kids come from foster care. As you follow Million Kids on Facebook you will soon see a trend that gangs and pimps prey on runaway teenagers and they are some of the most violated victims in sex trafficking cases because they have few alternatives. Our research indicates there are certain commonalities in these individuals that pimps recognize and exploit. This show will explore the traits that make victims vulnerable and how we can empower potential victims so they can find the inner warrior to stand against becoming ensnared.

Join us Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 7a.m. PST on VOICE AMERICA – Variety Channel as Million Kids explores issues related to the most vulnerable prey of predators. More important, lets talk about what YOU and your church or organization can do about it. Call in live Thursday morning at 866-472-5788 or email and share your experience either as a survivor of sex trafficking or an organization with real solutions to combat it.

Like Million Kids on Facebook to get involved so we can say together, “NEVER AGAIN SHOULD A CHILD BE VIOLATED!”

If you missed the live show, you can listen to the archived show at

You can also find us on iTunes at Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity


Opal Singleton, Author, “Seduced – The Grooming of America’s Teenagers”

EXPLOITED: Crimes Against Humanity,“ airs Thursdays at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Voice America – Variety Channel. Click HERE to download the mobile app or to link via your computer to listen.

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