SEXTORTION (Virtual Sexual Assault)
When Salacious Selfies Turn to Blackmail

This week we will be rebroadcasting one of our most listened to shows to date!
Original air date September 22, 2016


Nearly every day we read about it and pray it won’t be our child. A predator in a faraway city has befriended a teen and ultimately a photo is exchanged. Quickly their lives become a nightmare as their new exciting “friend” threatens to destroy them by distributing the photo, or demanding money, or, even worse, requiring a continuous supply of more erotic and damaging photos. The youth is terrified, shamed and may even think of suicide. They panic, they can’t sleep, they may run away or stop going to school. The impact on an adolescent is life changing. It is the malicious phenomena called Sextortion.

According to the U.S Department of Justice, “sextortion is by far the most significantly growing threat to children.” Sextortionists are prolific and most have multiple victims. Their motives vary. Sometimes it is the collection of progressively erotic and degrading photos to share on large-scale child porn rings. Sometimes they want money – large sums of money. Sometimes it is about the power of demeaning a vulnerable child. Sometimes they desire a “relationship” with their prey. Both girls and boys are susceptible. In ALL cases it is virtual sexual assault.

Join EXPLOITED: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7a.m. Pacific Time as Opal Singleton and Susie Carpenter explore a multitude of cases involving sextortion. We will examine the statistics and predator tactics. We will talk about the do’s and don’ts of reporting cases of sextortion. We will look at common apps, chat rooms, games and schemes for enticing and recruiting vulnerable teens. SEXTORTION IS VIRTUAL EXPLOITATION. We invite you to join us and educate yourself so we can keep our young people safe.

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