Human Trafficking: The Global Goldmine for Gangs and Cartels (Part 2)

This week we will be rebroadcasting one of our most listened to shows to date!
Original air date August 4, 2016

Gangs are making more money selling people than they are selling drugs in many cities. In fact in some US Cities, 90% of sex trafficking cases have a gang connection. This week’s show will explore some of the most violent and prolific gang sex trafficking cases including the Dog Pound Gang (Fresno, California), The Tycoon Gang (San Diego, California) , El Flaco and the South Florida Gang (Transnational Gang).

Gangs and multi state sex trafficking cases are some of the hardest cases for law enforcement to deal with. The level of brutality to the victim is often beyond comprehension. The rings are sophisticated, organized and violent. And, they are making millions of dollars by exploiting the most vulnerable. The victims are often young teenagers or foreign national women who cannot get free.  Join Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity and help us educate the public to recognize potential cases and provide the information necessary to help prevent and end this indescribable travesty.

Be sure to join us on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the Voice America – Variety Channel. 

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Fresno police announce the ‘crippling’ of major street gang

Dog Pound gang’s million-dollar business: Drugs, fraud, human trafficking

24 San Diego gang members indicted for sex trafficking (Tycoons)

Cross-Country Prostitution Ring Recruited Girls From East County Schools: U.S. Attorney

San Diego Sex Trafficking: 22 Gang Members Indicted For Forcing Underage Girls Into Prostitution

Sex Trafficking Overtakes Drugs As San Diego County Gang’s Top Cash Source

ICE busts significant sex trafficking ring operating from Florida to North Carolina

Feds make 13 arrests in Naples, Florida-to-North Carolina sex trafficking ring

Sex-trafficking suspects arrested in N. Florida, feds say

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