Crowdsourcing Gone Wrong:
An Invasion of Sextortionists Seducing Our Kids

What is “crowdsourcing?” The practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the internet.

In her long-awaited second book, “Societal Shift,” Opal Singleton discusses how in the age of advancing technologies and growing connectivity, like-minded pedophiles with shared fetishes and ideologies have come together to exchange ideas, feelings, expertise and collectively mobilize.

Crowdsourcing sextortion is truly a 21st century concept. It is the tsunami of sexual exploitation. In the past, child pornographers stayed in the shadows and kept their illicit photos to themselves or maybe shared them with a close friend.

Today, sextortion rings can form via the internet with six, eight, ten or even more pedophiles, who collectively utilize sophisticated seduction methods to exploit children. These innocent children or teenagers do not stand a chance once they are lured into this snare. They have no idea they are communicating with multiple adults. 

For the pedophile, crowdsourcing gives them a sense of inclusion, validation and acceptance. They also become competitive with one another, and continually expand their knowledge of technology and psychology to sharpen their skills. They often maintain sophisticated records and logs of their victims’ responses and celebrate their successes, even as an innocent victim’s life is destroyed.

We must teach our youth, parents, educators, and first-responders how to protect our kids from these vile individuals. This is real life David vs. Goliath… the war between good and evil. Unless we all take a stand and do something, the problem will continue to advance as technology brings our entire world together for the first time in history.

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