We are often asked, “What can I do to help end the exploitation of kids in my community?” While there are many directions we can point you in, today we would like to focus on one idea… a weekly small group discussion. 

Each week Million Kids produces a FREE internet radio program called, “Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity.” The show is one hour long and focuses on issues like sex trafficking, labor trafficking, sextortion, child pornography, the dark web and more! When you visit the website at ExploitedCrimes.com you will find over 100 hours of FREE training shows along with corresponding training blogs. The show is also available on iTunes. You can listen from home, in your car, or any where you have access to the internet.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Organize a small group. This could be members from your church, women’s group, co-workers, friends, and/or family. Kind of like a book club.
  2. Each week choose one show and have everyone, on their own time, listen to the show. Go to: ExploitedCrimes.com
  3. Then have the group meet at your appointed time and location to discuss what each member learned and how this information can be applied to your community.

Who knows what this could expand into?! Perhaps, your small group could grow into a larger group where you could then begin to explore other ways to bring this important education, like a symposium, to your area.

Million Kids has done many of these events all over the nation (See: Anti-human trafficking expert speaks in Lenexa). Sometimes these are three day events where we will train your first responders (such as law enforcement and fire departments) on one day; social services (such as child welfare, etc…) on another day; and finally culminate in a large forum public event!

All you need to do to get started is to get started! What are you waiting for? 

Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity is a weekly GLOBAL internet radio program that reaches 170 countries. ALL of the shows are ARCHIVED for your convenience (or you can listen live Thursdays at 7:00am PST) with over 100 hours of FREE human trafficking and exploitation training to help you find solutions for your community!

Designed to educate FIRST RESPONDERS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, SOCIAL WORKERS, CIVIC LEADERS, FAITH-BASED COMMUNITIES, AND PARENTS the program, hosted by author and human trafficking and child pornography expert, Opal Singleton, shares the latest information about labor and sex trafficking, sextortion, child pornography and social media technology-driven exploitation.

Need more information? Contact us:
Email – info@millionkids.org
Phone – (951) 323-0298
Million Kids Website

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