Man used Fortnite to recruit child pornography victim



Recently, PornHub (the largest porn site in the world) released their 2018 data, and the findings are very concerning. Many of the popular searches in PornHub were video game characters created in a pornographic setting. For example, of the 33 BILLION porn video downloads, Fortnite and Bowsette (a Nintendo character) led the searches. Equally disturbing is the new trend of creating animated pornography parodies of these video games, which are being downloaded by the tens of millions. 

Five of the searches were related to FORTNITE characters and 9 of the top searches were related to Overwatch characters. Many more were related to Marvel characters. Nearly 80% of these downloads were through smart phones. The other significant revelation is that in categories viewed the longest, the leader is “Amateur” videos, something teens can create on their own just by using live-streaming apps.

In this episode we will discuss the implications of this report for our teens who play video games which contain explicit animated pornography. We will talk about the force multiplier when all members (including a 13-year-old boy) are looking at pornographic scenes where the players have sex with the characters and share it with adult strangers in a chat room. We will discuss the concept that many players are hormonal and developing their sexual identity making them easy targets for recruitment and exploitation. In much of video gaming pornography, the sex is one way, sometimes it is a weapon and there is virtually no relationship with the object of their sexual engagement. Although video game pornography may seem harmless, it can become addictive, and gives teenagers a sense of sex without commitment or consequences, and, unrealistically, sex where they control all factors in their fantasy world. Unfortunately, most parents are unaware that video game pornography shared with strangers in a public chat room is a dangerous virtual incubator for grooming and exploitation.

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