Immediate Aid Program For Victims of Sex Trafficking

girl-in-motel-with-copWe have an URGENT NEED for financial resources for the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Team to assist victims of sex trafficking in getting off the street so they can be transitioned into a safe house or safe haven.

Organizations and individuals have been donating funds to Million Kids for our Immediate Aid Program which helps us provide specific resources to the RCAHT Team, who are then able to purchase personal supplies and appropriate clothing for women and girls considering getting out of “the life.”

Sometimes these funds are used to provide immediate housing to help a victim have a hot bath, a safe nights sleep and then transition to long term assistance. This immediate aid empowers Million Kids/RCAHT to provide the exact resources victims of trafficking need at the critical point of their decision to change their lives.

Please donate today to help victims find the courage to make the change to transition to safety and freedom. To donate, go to:


Contact us at: or call (951) 323-0298 if you are interested in holding a fundraiser for this program.

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