Pimp Methodologies (Part 2)

Special Rebroadcast of one of our most popular shows to date!
(Original air date 12/20/18)

deandre stanfill
Deandre Stanfield, 38, (above) is one of 16 members of the Fresno Dog Pound gang who have pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to charges involving conspiracy to murder, human trafficking, gun and drug possession, and credit card fraud that ripped off businesses in Fresno and elsewhere of more than $3 million.

There is a lot of discussion these days about human trafficking, what it looks like, why it is happening, how it happens and, of course, how to stop it. Million Kids has been a leader in the prevention and intervention of both labor and sex trafficking since 2008.

All too often the public’s perception of how human trafficking works is based on one survivor’s story or a documentary. Each and every one of those stories is critical because it gives a real life perspective in understanding how a person can easily become a victim. But, we must not limit our understanding to one scenario or message.

Sex trafficking is a broad and complex issue where perpetrators use a myriad of tactics and seductive approaches. During today’s show we will begin to dissect the details of how sociopathic individuals access, seduce and violate their victims into the tragic world of sex trafficking.

Types of Pimping Tactics:

  • Romeo/Boyfriend Pimping
  • Gorilla Pimping (Male)
  • Gorilla Pimping (Female)
  • Gang Pimping
  • CEO Pimping
  • Madam Pimping
  • Foreign National Pimping
  • Family Pimping
  • Family/Cartel Pimping
  • Sugar Daddy or Chicken Hawk Pimping
  • LBGTQ Pimping

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