Investing in Prevention and Intervention:
Is It Worth It?

READ CASE: 2 Valley residents sentenced to County Jail in SLO sex-trafficking case

The link to the story above brings home the URGENT AND CRITICAL NEED for organizations, foundations and individuals to step up and fund prevention and intervention programs like Million Kids. 

It is now a well known fact that sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors is a daily part of our lives. The University of Florida states that 9000 KIDS A DAY are being blackmailed and 58% of them will agree to meet their blackmailer for the purpose of getting the photo/video back. Many are sexually violated and some are seduced or shamed into committing acts of commercial sex. WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS AND IT DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.

In the highlighted case a 15-year-old girl met a guy on Instagram. In her mind she was going to take a short trip with him to get acquainted. Like most teens, who meet up with a new found friend on the internet, she never thought that she would be considered a runaway or missing teenager. 

In this article you can tell that this is a sophisticated sex trafficking ringThere are FOUR perpetrators. They already had this girl set up with a “sex buyer.” They already knew the residential brothels and took her there. And, they already had an online sex ad ready for her. 

QUESTION: Do you think this girl would have gone out and met the predator if she knew what was about to happen? Of course not. This girl’s life has been changed FOREVER.  

From the article:

“This situation has haunted me almost five years,” the victim, now 19, said in a written statement read in open court by an employee of the District Attorney’s Office’s Victim Witness Assistance Center.

The victim wrote that she remains troubled by the “permanent damage that has been done to me mentally and physically;” since the crimes, she’s had to switch schools, move to different cities and has lost friends.

She wrote that has had her car defaced with the words “snitch” and “prostitute” since news of the case broke.

“I hope to gain a voice back that was taken from me,” she wrote.

Currently, there are millions of dollars being spent across the U.S. for victims of human trafficking. BUT WHY WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE VIOLATED? Funding an education, prevention and intervention program is the most important investment anyone can make.  

Million Kids knows that when you talk to kids about the dangers of sexual violation on the internet they listen. We have educated tens of thousands of kids about how the internet is made; why pedophiles want their naked photos and videos; and how they trick kids into believing they are their friend. Now we want to make an important documentary so that we can educate every teen in the U.S. (and every parent who is willing to hear it) for FREE!  (Click here for documentary details).

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