Online Sex Crimes in 2020

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Societal Shift: A World Without Borders… A Home Without Walls is available at for $18.99

We are on our way to an historical era as the entire world will be connected by technology. The book, “Societal Shift… A World Without Borders… A Home Without Walls,” outlines the power of global accessibility for all of us, but it also defines the challenges in raising our kids in a world where they will have millions of followers online. It will change how pedophiles join together to form communities that  seek out young victims.  Equally important, it will change how young children interact with millions of people they have never met, as they attempt to use their tender, vulnerable emotions to evaluate relationships.  Could there be anything more dangerous than a 9-year-old craving attention on the world wide web twerking in their little halter top and believing all those followers think she is the next superstar? How do we protect a child with a fantasy in a world with unlimited access?

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