Self-Worth, Likes, and Mass-Audience Live Streaming

Social Media Self-Esteem

social-media-self-esteem2This year’s SuperBowl half-time show featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira dressed provocatively while grinding and swinging on a pole. All the media stood by them as media experts said that erotic is a choice and has nothing to do with the #metoomovement. In fact, the media says that the women were empowered and that flaunting nudity and sexuality is their right and strength. 

So now we have a “new norm” for our kids?

Instant messaging apps, mass-audience live streaming and online video game chat rooms all open the door to relationships with people we have never met and, in most cases, will never meet. With the newer technologies, many of our kids will have over 100,000 followers and their short video clips may receive over a million likes. The competition on Tik Tok and Likee is enormous. To go viral, a 15 second video producer must become more and more extreme in their content. And, one young girl told me recently that if you don’t send a naked photo to a guy before the date, the guy won’t go out with you. Is that what our kids need to do to be popular? These “role models” have set the criteria for what is acceptable. Where do we go from here?

Join us Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 7:00am PST on Voice America Variety Channel or access the archived show on as host, Opal Singleton, talks about social media self-esteem.

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