All too often we only think of men as culprits in the war on sex trafficking. However, many men are warriors who are making a difference. 

This week we will talk with Patrick Erlandson, a member of the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force, and Jeremy Greening, father and advocate, both of these men are leading the fight against trafficking by decreasing demand and recognizing the connection between pornography and prostitution.

We will discuss many critical issues related to sex trafficking including the apathy of fathers, the sexual numbing down of our society, and ways that real men can make a difference. Patrick and Jeremy are two men who have the knowledge and expertise to help other men find creative and effective ways to get involved and stop sexual exploitation.

Join us Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 7:00am PST on Voice America Variety Channel or access the archived show on as host, Opal Singleton, talks about the impact men can have in the fight against trafficking. 

Jeremy Greening Headshot-1Jeremy Greening 

 As a homeschooling father of eight, Jeremy believes strongly in community and improving our world for the next generation. He currently serves as Global Alliances Marketing Director for Dell EMC and is an expert on leadership, teamwork, and building & maintaining ethical business relationships with all partners, managers, and executives.   

 Just as comfortable with C-suite communications and strategy as working on the front lines, Jeremy is passionate about finding Biblical solutions to society’s most pressing problems. 

 Jeremy demonstrates a passion for improving the lives of those around him through area revitalization efforts as a real estate investor and raising awareness for pressing social issues including right to life and human trafficking.   

 He volunteers with Rebirth Homes, a faith-based non-profit organization that delivers a holistic healing program for victims of sex trafficking covering their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Jeremy’s particular area of focus in the ministry is decreasing demand for the sex trade by connecting the dots between pornography, prostitution, and trafficking and encouraging men to take a leadership role on combatting this. 

 Jeremy graduated cum laude from American Intercontinental University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

patrick_erlandsonPatrick Erlandson

About six years ago, Patrick Erlandson joined the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force (LBHTTF) to spread awareness of trafficking. But, he said, more was needed.

“Men are critical to solving the issue,” Erlandson said. “As long as women remain the focus of trafficking, not much will happen… Without changing the sense of entitlement with men, nothing will happen.”

The idea led Erlandson to start the Long Beach branch of Men Standing Against Human Trafficking (MSAT). MSAT is a Southern California program by Faith Initiative to Abolish Trafficking (FIAT). He created the group to help solve a big piece of the puzzle, adding men.

Patrick has been married to his very patient wife for 36 years, lived in Japan for 8 years, has two daughters, the younger of whom was approached by “modeling recruiters” in the Del Amo fashion mall. Patrick worked for 2 years with the refugee agency of UNHCR in Los Angeles where he first learned about organ trafficking and child soldiers which led him to investigating the issue of domestic human trafficking. His priority has always been on prevention which is why he feels we need to address pornography and fathers.

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