Keeping Your Sanity in Times of Adversity

Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity: Season 16 | Episode 05 airs March 26, 2020


Times of adversity can either make you or break you. Many people are currently being forced into isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Others are laid off or are forced to work in difficult conditions at home. Most of us are concerned about our financial future as incomes are tentative and the stock market is wiping out many retirement funds. Kids are out of school and many are functioning from a mindset of fear and uncertainty.   

opal-videoIf this crisis is occurring at a time when there was already stress in the family or in relationships, it will definitely cause a greater impact. It is important to recognize the place where you and your family are and develop a solid strategy for taking control of your lives. Change brings out the fear and panic in all of us. It would be easy to make decisions that you would not make in more stable times.  

If you were contemplating a major move in your life, put it off. Especially if you were thinking of getting a divorce or a major relocation or leaving your job. Focus on stabilizing your current situation. Especially, if you have young people at home.

These are difficult times for young people. Most teens born after 2000 have not seen much adversity.They need your leadership more than ever, and they need solid, concrete steps to maintain stability in their lives. 

It is true that crisis accelerates bad guys. And right now, it also presents opportunity for your child to make poor decisions, act out in ways that are not healthy and take more chances on the internet. Help your child get a plan to take control of their lives and deal with adversity. Encourage them to put down the phone/tablet and verbalize what they are feeling.

Below are several steps you can take to keep your sanity in times of adversity:

  • Decide to take control of your life. You can either be victim or victor. 
  • Start by making a list of what you are grateful for.
  • Share the list with your kids and your grandkids and enjoy the good things in your life together.   
  • Recognize that, while this is difficult for a moment, this too will pass. 
  • Try to imagine what you were upset about this time last year.  
  • Every time you do what is right instead of what is easy, you gain character. 
  • Do not allow outside circumstances control your life. 
  • Focus on Self CONTROL. 
  • When all else fails. control your own behavior.
  • You can improve myself such as exercise and eating right.
  • Develop a self-improvement plan and execute it.  
  • Find sayings that help you like, “We aren’t quitters” or “Our family are winners!” 
  • Find the humor in things. 
  • Take a few minutes to find the beauty in nature. 
  • Look for really special moments that you can embellish.
  • Take a look at fear in your life. What are you afraid of? Address your fears. 
  • What is fear and what is reality?   
  • Saying things out loud takes the fear out of it and helps you get perspective. Texting alone will not have the same effect.  
  • The sound of your own voice showing courage is soothing.   
  • Difficult times calls for leadership.  
  • You can read more or take webinars and improve your knowledge.  
  • Decide to get organized and take your excess to the Goodwill or give to the homeless. 
  • Make it a family matter – there is strength in numbers – and encouragement. 
  • Reinforce that your family is strong and you can deal with adversity. 
  • Develop a joint strategy. Buy food, save money. 
  • Find ways to bring humor into the situation. Talk about how everyone is responsible for their own happiness.   
  • Talk about ways to be positive. 
  • Share that everyone makes an impact. Some by being present and some by leaving.  
  • Help someone less prepared than you – an older person, a homeless person, etc…
  • Talk to your child about how predators and pedophiles take advantage of times of adversity.   
  • Talk about being a leader on the internet. Look at the media’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis. Talk about finding truth on the internet and not allowing others to create hysteria based on emotion. Talk about the value of fact-based information.  
  • Donate a little to a charity.   
  • No matter how bad things are in your life there is always someone who is worse off. 
  • Thank God that you are a chosen and cherished child of God and He will protect you.

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